Picture, or thousand words?

design-research-processOutcomes of UX research projects can be difficult to put in a nutshell, and a bullet pointed list sometimes just does not cut it.

As well as the usual deliverables emerging from a brief, I sometimes add a rich picture as a visual summary. These often originate from doodles generated while I’m trying to figure out relationships or flow between elements of a process etc.

What starts out as a way for me to make sense of a complex landscape often grows into an important tool to communicate this to client teams.

The ability of these info-graphics to engage people often amazes me, with the drawing sometimes becoming the focal point of discussion, receiving more attention and air time than the agreed deliverable.

This week my consultancy website www.bowmast.com turned 10 years old so I gave it a refresh.
Out of my doodles came a drawing attempting to summarise the design research process as I see it.
It’s on the home page if you fancy a gander.

Happy Twenty-Ten to you all.

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