Tune in to customer behaviour, or you’re buggered

Process from an ethnographic study to understand media use in early adopters.
With technology and the way we consume all types of media advancing at a blinding pace, following changes in behaviours, motivations and expectations of customers plays a critical part in informing and providing a great user experience.

It’s nice to think we kiwis are up to date when it comes to technology and that our media providers are armed with this rich customer insight, but in a weekend radio show some TV folk discussed the future of TV in NZ.

TV3 have this to say:

“TV companies have not yet cottoned-on to the internet generation’s wavelength.

We haven’t caught up with them yet … with their understanding of technology… their understanding of the process.

The world is SO different and I’m buggered if I know how we respond to that”.

mmm, Well …now I’m not so sure.

One thought on “Tune in to customer behaviour, or you’re buggered

  1. Simon Johnson

    My experience as a researcher shows that people, in the main, are quire traditional about TV usage, but there is a growing minority that want all content on demand, unrestricted by ownership of bespoke tech. They don’t want to wait for a series to be released in their country and can’t remember when they last put in a DVD disk as all their content is streamed or on a NAS.

    “Why? Firstly, there’s the simple conflict between the way we watch television (slumped on a sofa with a bag of crisps balanced on our chest) and the way we’ve traditionally surfed the web (sat vaguely upright in close proximity to a keyboard). Secondly, fledgling web TV “solutions” – whether it’s Samsung’s Internet@TV, Apple TV, the Cello iViewer or a handful of others – haven’t brought us “the web” per se, merely bits of content chosen by the device’s manufacturer.”

    ~ Independent’s article Rhodri Marsden: Google could change the way we watch TV http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/features/rhodri-marsden-google-could-change-the-way-we-watch-tv-1988702.html

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