Kia ora Ōtautahi.

After 10 years living in towns with no traffic light, I’ve come full circle. Back to where it began.

My first NZ client was a hardware startup based in Christchurch. Their success with a niche product inspired me to launch my own product, Mr. Tappy, which I relied on Christchurch manufacturers and suppliers to prototype and launch, and to keep running today.

My patient experience work informed ward design for the new Christchurch hospital and inspired new ways of working I’ve enjoyed sharing with many clients and colleagues.

Meanwhile …over the years the bulk of my work pulled me further from the city, NZ and my family, while working increasingly internationally from Motueka.

Now I’m excited to have moved back to where it began. To reconnect with, and in a city rebuilding itself.

I’ve used an illustration from my book USERPALOOZA where I talk about how clues to understanding your customer start at street level, with ‘neighbourhood icebreakers’…


Now I’ve moved and unpacked, it’s time to venture beyond my own street (and local dairy) to connect with colleagues old and new.

If you’re based in Christchurch and would like to meet, invite me to a meetup group, or even to talk to your team, sing out. Break the ice.

…And if you’re passing through, I’d love to show you my new neighbourhood.

Illustrations by the amazing Mat Tait.

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