Training and courses

There are thankfully (and somewhat recently) a few options to those wishing to gain UX skills or qualifications in NZ.

Some are formal and offered by Universities, others are offered by small agencies or industry pros willing to share.

I’ve listed them here in no particular / some kinda order

Short UX courses in New Zealand:

Workchops (no, not a typo).
A soon to be realised series of small, intimate workshops for experienced designers facilitated by leading practitioners. Being shaped by @NorthwardsDS

UX Gym
Matt and Lulu from Lushai run a range of courses, from general introductory crash courses though to those specifically aimed at building skills in research, prototyping etc.

Experience design thinking
A hands-on ‘taster’ of the principles employed and language used in design thinking. This is run by Better by Design and based on the method. You’ll go through the five stages in a day, applying it to a hypothetical local problem.

Serious UX qualifications in NZ


Massey University:
A one semester UX design course:


Otago University
For a qualification in Human Computer Interaction – the classic credentials for UX researchers.


University of Canterbury – HITLab.
This one is for the researcher/technologists, and attracts students from all over the world. If you’re into the bleeding edge of what’s even possible with emerging tech, and how people might experience it in the nearish future.


Interaction design Minor. Taught by Emma Knight, Matt Gould and Gerbrand van Melle


General Assembly
Full time immersive User Experience courses (nearest campus to us in Sydney or Melbourne) OR an online course.

Academy XI
One day bootcamp  and 10 week (2 days /week) programmes, with service design and product management as additional modules.

Swinburne University
A 13 week online HCI course, recommended by @scottgamble who’s dunnit .

Remotely mentored:

Career Foundry
I don’t know anything about this but had it mentioned… et voila.