…because it’s easier to design for a customer you understand.



After over a decade of design research fieldwork and coaching others to do the same, I wrote USERPALOOZA – A field researcher’s guide.

At 160 pages, loaded with examples and richly illustrated, USERPALOOZA is a ‘how to’ book full of practical guidance, and – I feel more importantly – the mindset required in order to get value from this work.

The book covers:

  • Who to talk to, how to choose and find them,
  • Priming yourself and team for a high value immersive experience,
  • Capturing moments that matter with notes, video, images and audio,
  • Proven interview techniques, tools and activities to open your senses and your customers’ world,
  • Making sense of your data,
  • Shaping and sharing your insights for lasting impact.

Now shipping directly from me in NZ, or by Amazon for the rest of the world.

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