Bowmast Visualising Design Research Journey Map

I’ll have what she’s having… (When visuals go viral)

It’s validating when clients see my research visuals elsewhere and ask for ‘The same, but for our stuff’.

It’s partly because they are social.

They get people talking. Especially when pinned up in common spaces (hello team kitchen).

And teams need tools to talk. These visuals become prompts for other business verticals or departments to wish for a specific view of THEIR customer’s world, or the same customer’s relationship with THEIR product or brought to life in a similar way. 

It’s almost a ‘When Harry met Sally’ moment and can happen within or between businesses. 

Got me thinking… so what other mediums enjoy a viral effect like this?

I’m picking film might be a contender, but do any other mediums gain such a response?

How do you build contagion into your outputs?

What’s made you want what they’re having?

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